11 June 2014

Burgundy Midi

Oh, hi! If you're following me on instagram (username: tiffanyc_), then you must've seen the huge change I've done with my hair recently. If not, I'll let you guess what it is ;) although I just gave away a very useful hint. Anyway, I had a phase where I had to purchase every midi skirt I see at retail stores.

Luckily, I got over it but I still shop for them if something really catches my eye. 

I am a knit pencil skirt fan. The reason being is you can easily dress it up and dress it down. Plus, you can mix and match anything with it - whether it be with a pair of heels or with a pair of sneakers. That is what I totally did with this ensemble. Midi skirt + graphic tee + sneakers = the perfect "I didn't know what to wear so I will pull out my basics."

"What should I wear?" I asked myself while staring at a closet full of clothes. #girlprobs

As mentioned, I decided to play it safe and pulled out my basics. Meaning a t-shirt and sneakers. But instead of wearing jeans, I wore a denim jacket. It seriously goes with everything and will make any outfit super casual. Sometimes I like to change it up by wearing a denim jacket when I don't feel like wearing a casual blazer. I haven't been a fan of sweatshirts or cardigans this season. I love my layers.

I like to wear minimal make up.
Because... you know, that's what I normally do. Keep it simple. Or just being lazy? haha

top Zara | jacket American Eagle | skirt H&M
shoes Converse | purse Aldo | sunglasses Forever 21

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  1. Awesome midi skirt, love that colour.