09 May 2014

Sunset and Graffiti

YES!!! After a month of non-outfit posts...

Spring has sprung. Or is it? Although we've been getting a lot of rain lately, I've been starting to see pops of flowers around little by little. Plus, I can finally wear pants without having thermals. My body needs to adjust to the changing season and temperature. Goodbye winter coats!

This outfit is menswear inspired with a bit of a rocker side and a touch of femininity. It's a bit masculine because of the oversize look to it. The blazer and jacket are both one size bigger than what I normally wear. Those were one purpose so I can have enough room if I want to wear lots of layers underneath. The black jacket definitely tones down the brightness of the blazer and the huge prints on the pants. Pairing it with a basic white top and white converse also minimizes the bold look.

Notice the colourful background? Yeah. It's totally different on how I did outfit shoots in the past. We discovered one of the alleyways along Queen St W that is full of graffitis. Very different but fun to shoot at.

jacket Topshop | blazer, top, bottom Zara | shoes Converse
bag City Uptown (GBC fashion students boutique) | sunglasses Topshop

We tried to capture a "walking shot". Didn't work out so well...


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