28 May 2014

Lamesa Toronto

I've only known three Filipino restaurants in Toronto. And they're all very far from my place or from where I usually hang out. Couple years ago, I was intrigued by this little restaurant along Queen St W called "Lamesa." Their signage wasn't the same as when I saw it the first time. I guess they had a makeover since I discovered it. At first I thought it was some kind of Spanish restaurant so I didn't really bother looking too much into it. Until recently...

My boyfriend and I decided to try it and have an early dinner. It was such a small space so the experience was very intimate. It's a great place to eat at if you're going on a date, with a few friends, or even on your own! Their food is not traditional Filipino but rather Filipino inspired. That's what I love about this restaurant (plus, the fact that it's located downtown).

The only downside is, there are not a lot of entrees to choose from the dinner menu. Probably around 10 dishes. I have yet to try their brunch menu. But overall it is very much worth it to go.

Since we arrived their a bit earlier than our reservation (and they just opened), there were a lot of tables to choose from. So of course, we sat beside the window and make passersby jealous of our food. Just kidding! For real though... when people see others eating, they get intrigued and want to know if the food is good. At least that's how I feel.

Once we came in, we were greeted by this guy (which I think was the owner. Not too sure!). He was very nice and often comes up to us to see how we're liking the food and refills my water. The best part was.... It was half-price crispy para day! It was originally $21 so we had a pretty good deal. AND IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I swear two to three people can share the whole thing.

"Halo Halo Sisig"

"Crispy Pata"

Visit their website:

or check them out yourself.
They're located at:

669 Queen Street West
Toronto ON  M6J 1E6

Tel: (647) 346-2377
info @lamesafilipinokitchen.com

Tues thru Sun Dinner - 5pm to 10pm
Sat & Sun Brunch - 11am to 3pm

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