28 May 2014

Lamesa Toronto

I've only known three Filipino restaurants in Toronto. And they're all very far from my place or from where I usually hang out. Couple years ago, I was intrigued by this little restaurant along Queen St W called "Lamesa." Their signage wasn't the same as when I saw it the first time. I guess they had a makeover since I discovered it. At first I thought it was some kind of Spanish restaurant so I didn't really bother looking too much into it. Until recently...

20 May 2014

Polka Dot and Denim

I'm still in the process of learning how to mix prints and colours. Baby steps at first for everyone, right?

09 May 2014

Sunset and Graffiti

YES!!! After a month of non-outfit posts...

02 May 2014

TC and the City x The Korean Barber

Toronto had a taste of summer a couple of weekends ago. 20 DEGREES. Finally, but those days were cut short as it became colder the following days. So here we are again waiting. Anyway... last week I had met up with Jun Her of The Korean Barber and did a mini photo shoot at the Kensington Market. Of course, I believe we've already seen each other before because of World MasterCard Fashion Week but never really talked. Then one day I suddenly saw a photo of myself in his Instagram (@thekoreanbarber) and tweeted about it. Next thing you know we've arranged this collaboration!