20 April 2014

Dressing for Downton

Sorry for the late post! Been feeling unmotivated and lazy for the past couple of weeks (and still am) so I need to find new inspirations to help with this "writer's block". Anyway, I realized most people I know haven't heard about the Downton Abbey costume exhibit that was showcased at the Spadina Museum.

It was on display from March 11 to April 13.

The tour started from the costume display. Obviously. And it was absolutely amazing. I am such a huge fan of the show (patiently waiting for the fourth season to be added on Netflix) that I mustn't miss the exhibit. Didn't care if I went alone and with older people. It was a fun experience and got the chance to be part of a tour with a group of people. Plus, the tour guide was hilarious. It was unforgettable.

Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) is my favourite character and I adore her clothes!

Below are some close up photos of the clothes. Intricate and remarkable detailing.

Next post will be of the Spadina House tour. Stay tuned!

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