20 March 2014

3 Days, 3 Ways: Stripes & Plaid

Part two of 3 Days, 3 Ways. If you haven't seen the first one, click here (or scroll down on the homepage).

Day 2's outfit has the 90s grunge vibe to it. Mainly because of the plaid shirt that is wrapped around my waist. I opted for a "bad girl" look hence the toque, sunglasses, and vampy lip colour. Honestly it's not my typical every day style *ahem the crop top ahem* I'm a conservative dresser but once in a while I try to leave my comfort zone and dress differently. I'd say my outfit choices and my hair style really depends on what I feel like during the day. So if you see me in curls, that means I had so much time in the morning and feeling happy.

Mixing prints is really not new to me although I am still in the process of learning how to coordinate them properly. For example, what kind of prints go together or what clashes with each other. What I recently learned is that I plaid and stripes can be worn in one ensemble as long as the styling is done right. Black accessories definitely brought the outfit together and the acid washed blue jeans have reduced the brightness of the plaid shirt.

Add a flannel shirt to your wardrobe as a layering staple.

Loose curls softens the look.

top (stripes) Forever 21 (plaid) Garage | jeans Garage | shoes Converse | bag City Uptown


  1. I love this outfit!! <3


  2. Although this is not your typical styling choice, you pull it off well! ;D

    <3 Carsla
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