12 March 2014

3 Days, 3 Ways: Casual White

Once in a while I will be doing a few related posts on my blog. A series, if you may call it. Here's part one of 3 Days, 3 Ways. In this series, I will show you how I style my retro skinny jeans (that's what the style is called at the store I bought it from) and my white converse.

I went on a trip with my boyfriend to Niagara Falls for three days. I am not usually a light-packer person. Whenever I go on a overnight trip with my friends, I always end up bringing clothes more than I need so my bags are super heavy all the time. This time though I decided I will be packing light for this trip because if I don't, I will end up bring a full suitcase! I'm. Not. Kidding...

Therefore.. I decided to only bring two pairs of jeans, three tops, a blazer, a sweater, and my pjs. Oh, plus another hat and gloves. I didn't bring an extra pair of shoes because why would I? White shoes go with everything too!

At first glance I would have called it as a high waist boyfriend jeans. Just because it's loose but has a skinny jean silhouette. I have been on the longest hunt for boyfriend jeans that suit me. And for the longest time I couldn't find any that I almost gave up. I luckily came across these pairs and of course, I had to get my hands on it asap!

I kept it really simple and comfortable on the first day since it's our travel day. Lots of sitting and running around to catch the train and the bus. Three hour travel time in total. I just paired it with a lightweight white long sleeve knit. What I love about this top is even though it's pretty lightweight it still keeps me warm. Perfect for spring weather!

Since we're just travelling this day, I threw on a pair of sunglasses on times I want to sleep and don't want anyone looking at me (Although I didn't end up sleeping on the way. Due to excitement, maybe?). I also decided to wear a hat just because I've been wanting to wear one but I always change my mind.

top Zara | jeans Garage | shoes Converse | jacket Soia & Kyo
hat Michael Kors | sunglasses Forever 21

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