11 February 2014

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Love is in the air...

...is what they say. You know it, it's this time of the year as usual. Not being against this or anything but seriously I don't get why there has to be one certain day to show someone they're special to you or to celebrate that you both love each other. Every day should be as special as Valentine's Day.

Leaving that aside. Although the whole world marks this as the "lovers day," it doesn't mean the single ladies out there don't need to dress up. I coordinated a number of outfit ideas depending on where you're gonna be. So whether you'll be spending Valentine's with a special someone, with colleagues, or with your girl friends, I've got you all covered!

Below are a few outfits that I came up with. Of course, you need to wear at least one item that is red.

So which one will be your favourite? xo


  1. Great outfits! I'd totally wear the one with jeans or the one with the striped top. : )