06 February 2014

City Uptown W14

January 29, 2014
We've been waiting for this day... City Uptown is now open to the public!

Like I mentioned in my previous post (click HERE), second year students have to manage a store for a semester and it was our turn. Everyone was definitely pleased how the visual team have transformed this little space. We wanted to be different and managed to do exactly that. And I am very proud with the outcome.

Let me give you a quick tour.

Below are our first set of merchandise for the week starting our opening day.

At the centre of the store, you will see a couple of tree branches we used to hang some of our clothing. As people walk in, we have "wowed" every single one. I guess they didn't expect that our store would look like this. It was...


Here's another way how to use clipboards. I've been getting feedbacks that these totally look cool to display necklaces. And I definitely agree! I love how they are hanging against the wall. I'd probably do the same to display my own necklaces but then that would require a lot of clipboards. Maybe at least around 10. Not exaggerating.

Next, are the props... all hand-crafted by us, the visual team.

These light bulbs are actually hung in the fitting room (yes, we have one).

Our window backdrop. I would also like to make this for my room but it's time consuming and I would need to look for old fabrics to rip but... I don't want to buy a couple of years to just tear them apart..

(For a detailed post on how to achieve this wall decor below, click here)

If, by any chance, you're around George Brown College Casa Loma Campus area, don't forget to drop by!

We're open Monday to Friday
11am - 1pm, Room C432

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