03 January 2014

Winter Wonderland

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.... This year it finally snowed during the Holidays, especially on Christmas Day! After the frustrating ice storm that hit Toronto, it was amazing to see the beautiful snowfall.

It was literally days before Christmas that a lot of people in the GTA lost power. And that includes me. On my end though, we didn't have electricity for two days so I was thankful for that. Some still didn't have power until after Christmas or until the New Year. Luckily, ours came back up on Dec 23rd but we didn't have access to our internet for a week. That's why I couldn't write blog posts or edit my photos until today.

Despite the "ice age" and all the broken trees, photos that were posted on Instagram (ones that weren't pictures of damage around the city) were surprisingly breathtaking. I love how Torontonians show the beauty of the ice storm although it really did a lot of damage to many. As for me, I also thought the trees were stunning while covered in ice.

jacket Soia & Kyo | top Hollister | bottom Garage | shoes Sorel | gloves The Bay

Having to experience Toronto's first white Christmas in years was very exciting for me. So I rushed to go outside and do a quick shoot. And of course, I am wearing my bright pink Christmas sweater as the outfit for the day.

Investing in a good quality winter coat and boots is the way to go during this season. You don't want to be buying new ones every winter right? So I opt to this beige coloured down parka. It sits mid-thigh and is perfect because it's not too long and it's really warm. Also, I had the opportunity to get Sorel boots below retail price. Perks of working in retail! I've heard a lot of good reviews about this brand. I went for the all black ones I don't wanna go crazy with the colour. And I chose the lightweight one but still keeps my feet warm.

It's the 3rd day of the year and it's freezing outside! I decided to hibernate today.

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  1. Lovely coat! Im looking for a soia and kyo but they seemed to be pretty sold out right now.. looks great on you!