01 January 2014

Weekend Getaway

I've been outside Toronto with my friends a few times already; but for me this is the third time that I consider a "legit" trip where we actually had the opportunity to bond and had fun "sightseeing" instead of just going out and drink.

(insert excerpt from one of the songs in Frozen here)
For the first time in forever.... Seriously, this won't get out of my head.

We always end up going to Niagara Falls every year so we decided that Blue Mountain will be our destination this time. It was a two to three-hour drive from the city. We got a little bit lost. Well, not really, just missed our exit so we had to go back. Overall, it was a really fun weekend to go to for the first time.

Our planned main activity was to go skating but as soon as we got there, we were told the rink was closed and will be open the week after. So that was a fail. And sadly, we didn't get the chance to go skiing or snowboarding as well because we don't have our equipment and we don't want to spend much money to pay for rentals. Another fail.

We checked in. Entered our suite. Had dinner. Then we found out they have fireworks display on Saturdays. While having to spare at least three hours, we decided to walk around the resort and check out almost every store.

The christmas trees displays were stunning and they even have a gazebo outside! Lovely.

Of course, we had to go to the Chocolate Factory. What kind of person, especially a girl, in the right mind wouldn't go to this place? CHOCOLATES EVERYWHERE!!! Everything is just so mouthwatering. But I resisted temptations.

Another stop over was at this store called The Olde Stanton Store. I love everything about it. The store has vintage mixed whimsical merchandise. I want to take home all of it. It's like one of those stores that you see at the Distillery District or those local stores along Queen St W.

There was also another store that I absolutely adore but unfortunately they don't allow taking photos or videos inside. I think it's most likely because most of their stuff are handmade and they don't want their merchandise to get out on the internet and get imitated. I bought a couple of things there but forgot the name of the store.

Alright. Isn't this amazing? There is an actual fireplace in the middle of the mall! We had a quick stop over at Georgian Mall in Barrie on the way back home to see where we could eat. So we went straight to the food court and found nothing. Although there were a few restaurants just outside and we decided to have lunch at Moxie's. This time I went for a steak, veggies, and mashed potato entree. I didn't get my usual pasta dish just. I wanted something different.

Stunning bar showcase and exquisite lighting!

Those were the highlights of my trip. I'd definitely come back again.
Cheers to my first post and happy new year everyone! xo


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