31 January 2014

DIY: Paper Wheel Decor

Hate staring at your blank wall? Here's an idea how to decorate the space without using much supplies!

Hello there everyone,
This is my very first DIY (do-it-yourself) post since I started blogging. A quick overview on the inspiration behind this post. We have to manage a small boutique on campus as a part of our program and luckily I get to be involved with the Visual Merchandising Team. Thanks to our ever so creative Visual Manager, she had this amazing idea on how we should fill up the one huge empty wall we have at our store - PAPER FAN WHEELS.

So while I was making them over the weekend, I thought why not take photos and write about it...

What you need:

Experiment with the paper fans by using different book sizes.
Fold the page lengthwise (4 pages) to create a bigger wheel
and crosswise (2 pages) for a smaller wheel.

1 comment:

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