02 December 2013

Mixing Prints: Grey Tones

I never knew I'd have this obsession with hats in this year's fall/winter season. I'm not really a hat type of girl even when there's crazy snow outside. I never wear them due to the fact that I don't like to ruin my hair. As soon as I wear a toque or beanie or whatever you call it, I can never take it off because it makes my hair look flat.

I've been really loving maxi skirts this year due to the fact that you can just throw it on and you're good to go. It's like a sweatshirt but for your legs! Haha bad example, I know. Point is, they're comfortable!

Mixing prints is definitely still a challenge for me. I've always paired a printed bottom with a solid top (usually a neutral colour). I really wanted to wear this striped maxi skirt but I had no top to go with it. So I tried to match it with this floral crop top. And I was glad it worked out! First thing I learned that it's good to blend small designs with larger scale ones. Both balance each other out.

You might be still confused why I can still wear a crop top and maxi skirt this season. If you haven't noticed on my recent outfit posts, I'm a little bit behind of schedule. And by a little I meant the exact opposite. My posts has been sitting under my drafts section for quite a while because I rarely have time to write. Plus, six days of my week are spent on going to school and going to work. So I haven't had a chance to shoot my daily outfits.

It's a bit disappointing but what can I do, now that winter is coming (it's already started snowing!) I cannot do my outfit shoot outside without having at least a coat and scarf on. I live in Canada so winter is brutal here. This time of year I wish I lived in warmer places so I don't have to worry about frostbites and having to bundle up. But then, the chance of having a white Christmas makes me rethink those thoughts.

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  1. Love the hat. I have an hat obsession but ever since I moved to a country that is always hot I tend not to. Although by checking out your post it makes me miss wearing them. Love your post.