19 December 2013

2013/2014 Wishlist

Wishlist 2.0

It's a week before Christmas. Time definitely goes fast this year. Here's another guide in buying holiday gifts. Of course, this version is the more affordable one. I have been getting "feedbacks" that the wish list I posted previously was a bit on the higher end so I decided to list a another one.

I warn you though, I'll most likely purchase these myself anyways whether I get it as a gift or not. Haha!

1. 2014 Planner. I have my moments when I like to be organized so by having an agenda I keep tabs on my assignments, tests, appointments, work schedule, event dates, etc. Mainly because I am a very forgetful person then I get overwhelmed when I remember what I need to do for the week.

2. Jewelry Holder. Yes yes, I am in desperate need of a jewelry box. Preferably a glass case. Not only it organizes all my accessories but also I can display all of them. In a decorative way.

3. Rings. More rings. I know. I can never have too many of them! Although I don't really wear rings. As I said, I forget "stuff." And because I can rarely find ones that fit my delicate little fingers!

4. Anything Chevron. They just look really fun and adds a pop of colour (when mixed with white). Like these chevron print candles. Or a chevron print notebook. Or a chevron print pillow. Seriously, ANYTHING!

5. Owls. I'm literally obsessed with these particular night animals. There's something about them that's adorable.

6. Eiffel Tower. I don't mean taking me to Paris to see it (which is definitely not a bad idea at all!). What I meant is any home decor items that is an eiffel tower. Whether it be a paperweight or tea light holder, whatever I want it.

7. Kate Spade. Particularly the ones from Indigo. I love the ribbon push pins. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

8. Makeup Brushes. I am a girl. I need those! Enough said.

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