23 November 2013

Saturday Lunch Date

The Gods have bestowed a nice, sunny day upon Toronto. Can't thank them enough for providing warm fall weather! And there's no better way to spend it than to have lunch with a girl friend.

This "lunch date" was actually a late celebration of my best friend's birthday. SHE'S MY ONE AND ONLY PARTNER IN CRIME WHEN IT COMES TO EATING OUT. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, she'll be the first person I think of that will always say 'yes' (of course we will plan a day when we're both available).

As always, we both crave the same thing. Every. Single. Time. And for this particular day, we wanted to indulge on crispy duck. Both of us haven't eaten this exotic dish together for a long time. Not sure if it was last year or a couple years back. There's only one restaurant that comes to mind. It's called Linda Modern Thai (http://www.lindamodernthai.com) at the Shops at Don Mills.

So just like the first time we visited here, we ordered the crispy duck, of course (which is actually on their dinner menu), seafood fried rice, and our favourite mango and strawberry smoothies of all time. They make it from fresh fruits too which is totally a plus! I can say this is one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. I love it's ambience. Very calming and you can definitely enjoy the food they serve. And the staff are very welcoming.

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