01 November 2013

Orange and Lime

Funny story. I got this pumpkin orange dress at H&M a couple years ago -- AND I NEVER GOT TO WEAR IT UNTIL THAT NIGHT! This is one sign that my clothing addiction is going way overboard. Imagine this dress hidden in my closet not for two months but for two years! Back then, I had no idea how to style it until it has been long forgotten.

This year I had the opportunity to have access to the full week of WMCFW due to my sudden urge of getting my very first media pass! I guess you could say I want to pursue my blogging as a future career and not a just a hobby anymore. (Although, it's not my plan to be a full-time fashion blogger yet. but who can tell the future right?)

Now let's stop with all the blabbering about my future goals. Everyone knows that it's already starting to get cold in Toronto. It's already fall, DUH. That wouldn't stop me from wearing dresses though. Being practical doesn't make any sense when it comes to fashion anyway. "Fashion over comfort" is what they say.


Then my imaginary lightbulb clicked, I wanted to play with colours so I paired the dress with my favourite oversized clutch with snakeskin print. I realized blue and orange are complementary colours so both go really well. Since the clutch has a few other colours on it, I threw in a lime skinny belt over my waist to put the outfit together. Also, to match with the "animal/reptile" theme, I wore this chain necklace that has a few animals dangling on it. Lastly, I paired it with my dark hologram heels for a bit of height.

dress H&M | coat Urban Behaviour | tights Target
shoes Forever 21 | clutch H&M | accessories TopShop, Aldo, JewelMint




  1. I guess you have a lot of clothes inside your closet that you totally wore that dress just this year!

    Thirdbite | style blog

    1. I know, it's bad. I need to stop shopping. Haha!

  2. Love your outfit, so stylish and trendy! It's so great to find fellow Toronto bloggers :)

    Stop by and visit any time :)

  3. I love discovering hidden treasures in my closet! Glad that you still like this dress. : )