10 November 2013

Navy Hues

About a month ago (yes I know.. so long ago already), the boyfriend and I went to the zoo. Don't judge. No one's too old to go to the zoo I tell ya! Anyway, the weather was great so I decided to see a bunch of animals. Can't let this amazing weather pass without staying outdoors!

Because it was really sunny during the day, I only threw on a denim jacket over this tunic top. But of course I was still prepared for those chilly nights so I never forget to bring a scarf. And I rolled up the sleeves a little because it looks cool like that haha ;p nah, not really. The sleeves were just a bit long.

Alright, by now I know what you might be thinking.. "OMG. She knows tights aren't pants, right?" Well, well, well... No need to get all judgemental and such. I, believe it or not, am actually wearing shorts underneath. It just doesn't show as much because either my top is too long or my bottom is too short. It's really one or the other. Or.. maybe both?

jacket American Eagle | top, shorts, tights Forever 21 | boots Aldo
bag Just Fab | necklace Forever 21 | sunglasses Topshop

The most depressing part of this trip was I DIDN'T GET TO SEE THE PANDAS !!! I'm disappointed in myself.


  1. haha I see the shorts!! love the outfit, so cute. Also I went to the zoo for the first time last year and it was perfect so yes no judging!!

    1. You need to go again this year and see the pandas! lol :)

  2. Loving the geometric necklace and the high boots!