23 November 2013

Saturday Lunch Date

The Gods have bestowed a nice, sunny day upon Toronto. Can't thank them enough for providing warm fall weather! And there's no better way to spend it than to have lunch with a girl friend.

17 November 2013


Since this is my first official fashion week, I decided to dress up a bit. And by "a little," I meant go all out! Haha just kidding.. Well all I wanted was to wear something memorable.

10 November 2013

Navy Hues

About a month ago (yes I know.. so long ago already), the boyfriend and I went to the zoo. Don't judge. No one's too old to go to the zoo I tell ya! Anyway, the weather was great so I decided to see a bunch of animals. Can't let this amazing weather pass without staying outdoors!

04 November 2013

Country Vibe

The wind is colder and the days are shorter.. It's time to take out those knee high boots and cozy cardigans!

Dresses are definitely one of my staple pieces for the fall season. It's such a good transition piece paired with knee high boots and a long cardigan. So no need to worry for those chilly nights, you're still covered!

01 November 2013

Orange and Lime

Funny story. I got this pumpkin orange dress at H&M a couple years ago -- AND I NEVER GOT TO WEAR IT UNTIL THAT NIGHT! This is one sign that my clothing addiction is going way overboard. Imagine this dress hidden in my closet not for two months but for two years! Back then, I had no idea how to style it until it has been long forgotten.