12 October 2013

Christian Louboutin @ DX

It's been a month since I've been here and I still haven't gotten over the fact that it's over. So if you missed this exhibit, let me give you a mini tour...

As soon as I walked in, this is what I see. So right from the entrance, a vibrantly lit carousel, which highlights shoes from Louboutin's experiences overseas, welcomed me. I knew it was going to be worth it - I will be passing through Christian Louboutin's Wonderland and I definitely won't want to leave.

“As a designer, my inspiration has remained the same over twenty years but there has been a revolution in the design of the shoe. During the first ten years, I was creating shoes that were much more dressy, now they are much more sexy. This is really the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ of my work – to combine sexiness with elegance.”

An accurate to-scale recreation of the designer's working studio. Louboutin's Paris atellier is filled with objects he has brought back from his travels. He is an avid collector and always finds time to visit markets and bazaars wherever he is in the world. The central table carries an assortment of objects ranging from a Perspex box of different coloured heels, various prototype shoes to a special edition Cat Burglar Barbie.

"I have no sense of minimalism - it's not at all me. I absolutely need objects around me. I couldn't live in an empty space - as far as I'm concerned, that's the definition of prison."

Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the exhibit. I'd just die if I could have all of Louboutin's designs.

I had an amazing experience visiting and learning more about Christian Louboutin's life and inspiration behind his collections. If the exhibit ever comes back in Toronto, I won't hesitate to go visit once again.

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