19 October 2013

Centre Point

Yet again another overdue post. I went all the way to Niagara Falls with the closest of my friends for my birthday weekend. It was indeed a very fun two-day one-night trip.

Some say things are more fun the second time around. Well.. I say, there are just different kinds of it. So for my birthday, me and my friends celebrated it again at Great Wolf Lodge (http://www.greatwolf.com/). Emphasizing on the "again," the first time we went here was for my 17th birthday and going away party (although I am clearly back in Toronto now). We are just never too old for waterparks and we will never be!

Because my birthday's at the end of the summer and Canada's very bipolar weather, I threw a light hooded Vans cardigan that I got from a thrift store called Kind Exchange in case for those cool summer breeze.

cardigan thrift store | top Brandy Melville (black) SKIRT (light pink)
bottom Dynamite | shoes Urban Outfitters | sunglasses Topshop | bag French Connection


  1. I love your top... makes me miss summer. Also, great meeting other Toronto bloggers! : )

  2. I'm looking forward to your Chevron post for sure!! I'm always happy to discover other Canadian bloggers too, especially those not too, too far :) I will definitely be checking out your posts! oh and kudos to you for making the big change and following your passion in terms of career path :)
    Sparkle & Chic