11 August 2013

#whosnimrod Photo Exhibit

July 26, 2013 - 26 Photos. 26th Day. 26 Years.

"It's not all about posing and trends. I suck at directing my subjects but I want them to be in it to express themselves. The photos I took not only the models but also Nimrod. Like how they react and such." -Nimrod Mendoza

Photo taken from nimrodcm.com

Cheers to this amazing friend and very talented photographer. Proud of you!

Felt anxious and excited at the same time for this event. I was very thrilled when I first heard about the project and I couldn't wait until the day actually comes. The countdown started from months, to weeks, to days, and I had this sudden nervous feeling. Most likely due to the fact that there will be photos of me up there. But I got over it.

Much love to all Nim's very supportive friends (including me haha). We had a really good time! :)

To check out all of his works, click HERE.

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