27 August 2013

Crop Top High Waist

Afraid to wear cropped tops this season? Don't worry there's one solution to that: pair it with high waists.

The first time I've seen people wear crop tops, I wasn't really paying attention to the trend. But as I keep discovering how others style it, I've become more and more interested. That's when it hit me. I decided I had to try it and get out of my comfort zone. Which, by the way, was quite challenging at the beginning!

Garage top | Forever 21 bottom | Aldo wedges | Zara purse | Topshop necklace, sunglasses

I wasn't really sure if I would wear this trend in the summer (mostly because you know us girls and our abs insecurities, heh). Until I thought about pairing it with high waisted bottoms. Made my life a lot easier! Since then, I am in a long term relationship with crop tops and high waist bottoms. You could say I am a bit obsessed ;)