27 August 2013

Crop Top High Waist

Afraid to wear cropped tops this season? Don't worry there's one solution to that: pair it with high waists.

The first time I've seen people wear crop tops, I wasn't really paying attention to the trend. But as I keep discovering how others style it, I've become more and more interested. That's when it hit me. I decided I had to try it and get out of my comfort zone. Which, by the way, was quite challenging at the beginning!

13 August 2013

Lavazza Espression

I decided to go for a late afternoon stroll after a long day at the internship. Unexpected plans are usually the most worthwhile because you'll never know what you're gonna experience. And this day was one of those.

11 August 2013

#whosnimrod Photo Exhibit

July 26, 2013 - 26 Photos. 26th Day. 26 Years.

"It's not all about posing and trends. I suck at directing my subjects but I want them to be in it to express themselves. The photos I took not only the models but also Nimrod. Like how they react and such." -Nimrod Mendoza

06 August 2013

Birthday Blues, huh?

Reliving those hot summer days. It's only August and I'm already preparing my sweaters and cardigans for the unusual cold nights. I guess this is my karma for complaining too much about the heat. I'm not ready for summer to end yet since I felt like I had no vacation at all! Plus, it's this time of year again: experiencing the birthday blues.

Funny how it was only last week that I was super excited for my birthday. And now it's hitting me. Another year older. The good thing is... I am officially legal all over the world! Who wouldn't feel happy for that? ;)