26 November 2014

Garden of Flowers

It's been such a gloomy day so why don't I post something that will brighten your view :)

19 November 2014

REVIEW | Doll Face Spa

I was invited to sample the services at Doll Face Spa by Melissa from Charming Media and opted to try their Advanced Facial. This treatment is for clients that are looking for that much-needed relaxation. It covers everything from the basic facial treatment, including pore extraction, as well as a facial mask and a collagen-boosting massage. This treatment requires a well-deserved break of 60-minutes.

12 November 2014

It's All Scribbles

Have you heard of the origami skirt before? I thought they'd be an interesting piece to add to your wardrobe. Such a playful twist to a regular skirt. However, in this case, it's actually a pair of shorts. So.. a SKORT ! What struck me at first sight was its eye-catching print. Kind of reminds me of a seabed or something like that. I had no idea what to coordinate it with when I put it in my shopping bag. "Whatever. I'd figure it out once I decide to wear it," I said to myself.

I kept it fairly simple by wearing a light grey cropped long sleeve. When in doubt, go with neutrals.

11 November 2014

D&B Holiday Menu Launch

***WARNING*** For all of you carefully watching their weight, step away now before it's too late.

Your time is up! Brace yourself because you will be entering the holiday sweets heaven ;) I had the opportunity to preview Desmond & Beatrice's holiday menu launch. Since I discovered this little gem on Queen Street East, they have been my go-to place for treats and give out as gifts. Cause who doesn't love cupcakes and pastries, right? The event was held at the 2nd Floor Events (461 King St W).