02 May 2016

White Perforated Oxfords

Is there an item in your wardrobe that you've been obsessing with for months? I do. This pair of perforated oxfords has been my go-to (instead of my usual Converse) when I wanna wear white. I picked them up at Marshalls sometime in February, so it's been a couple of months. I was always a ballet flats kind of girl until last year, when I upgraded to a "loafers" phase. Now, oxford shoes have their time to shine. These are actually my first, and I am loving them!It adds a bit of masculinity. Definitely still on a lookout for more.

29 April 2016

VIEWS - Montréal Edition

I wasn't suppose to publish a blog post today, but I suddenly thought of this smart idea. Everyone is talking about Drake's today. So hello avid 6ix God fans, please don't hate me! I know today is the release of his newest album. Hence the reason why I titled this post with the same name. Originally, I thought of naming this "Streets of Montreal." Last minute change of plans! This just is a collection of pictures of different "views" on the streets of Montreal. I bet you've already noticed the similarities of each one ;)

28 April 2016

PHOTO DIARY | Parlez-vous Français?

Tuesday, April 5

Bonjour Montréal! Last time I was in this city was about five years ago. Seems like a long time, doesn't it? It is. I did visit, but not for very long. So you can just imagine the excitement I felt when I decided to travel alone. Yes, I was by myself again in a different city. A French one too! Though most people there are bilingual anyway. It was my first time taking the VIA Rail train, and it was actually not too bad! I chose my departure time to be at 6:40am, because I wanted to arrive early. That way I'll get a chance to eat and rest before I start to get to work. Oh, did I mention I went there to attend a few fashion events?

26 April 2016

Low Ponytail Style


Gloomy day calls for a gloomy outfit. Not really, you get my point.. Just want to complement the weather. As I am writing this post.. I realized that for the first time, my hair is in a low ponytail. My hair is never in a ponytail! Not out in public anyway. This is such a huge shock for me. --- Let us please take a moment . .. .

I know, such a #firstworldproblem .. Though I now know the reason behind this. Whenever my hair grows to an awkward length, I attempt to tuck them inside my collar or under a scarf because my ends wouldn't stay straight. Clearly, I forgot to wear a scarf to hide my uncooperative locks. Hence, the use of a hair tie.