02 October 2015

PHOTO DIARY | #GentsExpo 2015

Toronto Men's Fashion Week is long gone but that doesn't mean that's the end of a full event for you handsome gents! Of course, ladies are always welcome to attend. On the weekend that just passed, The Gentlemen's Expo has returned for its third year with tons of great attractions, entertainment, and all things related to fashion, tech, music, sports, cars, food, and most importantly, alcohol. That's pretty much why guys love to attend these kinds of events. All for the booze. Someone tell me I'm wrong ;p

30 September 2015

Cargo Trench Vest

Summer season is over. You know what that means? Fall(ing leaves) season is here! I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year because we have chilly mornings and nights, but during the day it gets a bit too warm. The solution to that? Layers. Layers. Layers. And I don't mean layers of fat (which is also possible in preparation for the cold winter months). What I mean is layers of clothes for the fall season. 

23 September 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Celebrating in NYC - Day 3

Very sorry for posting this a little late! This was supposed to be up on Friday last week but I didn't get a chance to. Cannot believe it's our last day (like always). Of course, our first stop would be Shake Shack. I know, I know. Again, right? But whatever! We don't have that burger joint in Canada. We didn't know what time they open and we got there pretty early. So we ended up chilling at Madison Square Park.

16 September 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Celebrating in NYC - Day 2

Greetings from New York! Just kidding. I am still in my city but posting NYC backlogs. Our second day in New York was pretty cultural. We headed to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in the morning. Which I kind of just skimmed through the first time I went there. This time, I actually spent more than two seconds on each exhibit. I assure you there are a variety of very interesting things to see. Plus, there were a lot of stuff that I learned about that I didn't even notice the first time.