30 September 2016

FOOD FRIDAYS | One Pot Eggplant and Rice

27 September 2016

For the Love of Tacos

Writing this post during lunch because it's Taco Tuesday! For me, anyway. Or possibly just in my head. I'm currently NOT eating tacos right now, but I feel like I SHOULD be eating tacos right now. So as I type words away, I'm debating whether to order takeout and get it delivered, or be active and pick it up myself. Hm.. Pizza sounds amazing. Or maybe I should have pasta instead. Oh, I wonder what's new on Zara and Forever 21. And I need to check for train tickets!! (list goes on)


I haven't eaten a thing, and haven't finished writing. This is just a glimpse of my day-to-day routine. Fun, right? So many distractions! Anyway, this photos are long overdue. I really wasn't planning on posting them because I didn't think it was "blog-worthy," tbh. I changed my mind; if that's not obvious yet. I decided to edit them because tacos. Yes, I had a sudden craving for tacos. Now I introduce you #TacoFestTO, which happened in the summer. June 17-19, to be exact. Told you. Expired photos haha but I thought I'd share it with you anyway. Who doesn't love tacos? Definitely not me.

22 September 2016

First Day of Fall

I cannot believe it.. Summer is officially over, although temperatures haven't dropped drastically as of yet (Thankfully!). We are currently still on those hot and humid days, but finally manageable. It's that time when you would need to pack a light jacket for those cool mornings and chilly nights. And the best part, I am no longer melting whenever I'm about and about in the city. Kind of. While I'm a bit sad that summer is over, I am also very excited for fall. In case you don't know, fall is my absolute favourite season. And no, I'm not about that "basic" lifestyle - pumpkin spice lattes, flannel shirts, apple picking, Halloween. You know. Those. Reason is.. I'm thrilled about fall fashion (can't wait to wear all the layers!), and every year I am amazed at the leaves changing colours. There's something about nature preparing itself to hibernate for winter that fascinates me more than seeing all the flowers blossom in the spring. What's your favourite season?