20 November 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Travel Alone - LA Day 3

Currently writing this on a Friday night. Today's schedule was jam packed - had school, a photo shoot with some filming, then off to dinner. All that fun stuff so I am posting my last day in LA a little bit later than usual. My apologies! ;) Anyway.. This last minute three-day trip to the west coast was pretty interesting. In a good way. As I've mentioned (or as what the title hasn't directly stated), I did travel alone to this big city for the first time. It was.. eye-opening. Everyone around me had asked if I was scared. You know, being a girl and all without knowing anyone. I was actually not, despite being a very introvert person. It was a trip both for pleasure and blog-related (kind of?). The thought of meeting new people, who I've only talked to through social media, was the very exciting part. For me at least.

18 November 2015

PHOTO DIARY | Travel Alone - LA Day 2

Like I've mentioned in my previous post, I was in bed at around 10PM. I tried so hard to stay up until at least midnight but did not work out so well. I probably was fast asleep an hour later. So jet lag continued as I started the next day at 6AM Pacific Time. What's a girl to do? BREAKFAST !!!